Damn Townies!

A few Friday’s ago the girls and I got together to discuss ‘Prince of Thieves’ by Chuck Hogan.  This was an excellent book about a group of hoodlums outside of Boston, Mass.  They’ve spent their lives in and out of jail, robbing, drinking and whoreing around in between bouts behind bars.  The older these four boys get, the bigger their heists.  The main character, Doug, struggles with his current “profession” but doesn’t really see a way out…until he meets “the girl”.  Sure, he meets her behind a hockey mask at gun point but what an interesting meet cute to tell your grandkids about!  With the FBI breathing down there necks at every turn this book is both captivating and heart racing!  It had me sucked in to the end, which happened to be about 30 minutes before book club met!

As always, I planned accordingly and said “Wine be damned, we’re going cheap beer and/or Irish dranks tonight!”  The gals pulled through bringing cases of Miller High Life.  Ugggghhhh!  Have to give them credit though, it was indeed a beer referenced in the book.  They’re nothing if not sticklers for detail!  I stuck to my Guinness thank you very much!


Keeping with the theme I also made “Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie” from the awesome blog budgetbytes.com!  That Beth girl rocks!  (Okay, so I learned that technically it’s Cottage Pie because I used ground beef instead of lamb but come on, where in East Bumble Fuck Egypt am I gonna find ground lamb?)

The Shepherd’s Pie was a big hit but we needed snacky foods too and AGAIN my girls didn’t disappoint.  Anna brought Movie Theater Popcorn because in the book the group knocks over a multi-plex!  She also brought mixed nuts and tater tots (think Potato Famine!).  I set out some bagel chips (because they were a dollar at ‘Dollar General’) and Pub cheese to round out our makeshift meal.

And finally, as if we hadn’t had enough beer to drink already, I concocted a shot to round out the ‘Booze’ section our our book club.  I think it’s usually called an Irish flag but I didn’t have any Grand Marnier so I used Grenadine.  The shot is layered with Grenadine, Creme de Menthe and Irish Cream.


Pretty neat, huh?  This same weekend was also St. Patrick’s Day (how fortuitous) so I thought I’d round out this post with some pictures of my dog, Kirby, from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Onancock, VA.

DSCF1526DSCF1518 DSCF1519


For our next book club we picked (from the giant glass punch bowl) “My Blood Approves” by Amanda Hocking.  This is part of the reason I love this book club, we read books that I may not choose for myself but ultimately enjoy in the end.  Plus I have some great vampire themed ideas for next book club!  Feel free to read along with the gals of Books Booze and Bitchin.  Go ahead and bitch in the comments section if you like, we certainly do enough at our “meetings”!

Until next time, Eat, Drink and Be Yourself!