Ever so slightly off topic.

No really.  I mean, it’s still about a book, just not “the” book.  I just finished ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth last night.  When I walked in to work this morning (mind you, this is before updating my goodreads account) I find this waiting for me:

Image                                                How perfect is that!!!!  Guess what I’ll be doing tonight!  Thanks to Ashley Milburn for providing me with books since my New Years resolution was to not buy any books in 2014.  I know I know, I can hear your screams through the interwebs.  I counted up all the books that i have on my bookshelves (yes plural) and found that there are over 100 books that I have never read.  I’m gonna say that again, I own over 100 books that i have never read!!!!  This was alarming to me so I thought to myself “Self, you bought those books with every intention of reading them.  Not reading them will hurt their feelings.  You best get to reading” (My inner voice can be a bit of a diva!).  I’m already a whopping 3 books ahead for the year on my Good reads challenge (I only pledged a grand total of 25 so I wouldn’t disappoint myself) but I’m afraid I’ll fall behind when given the option of watching some random junk sitcom on tv.  Best to plow ahead and hope many of those books are quick reads (you know, like “Candide”, “Julius Caesar”, “The Jungle”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “The Kite Runner”, you know, children’s books!).  

As always, eat, drink and be yourself!


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