I’ll be back!

Sorry, I just watched a video of Epic Meal Time with Arnold Schwarzenegger!  Have I mentioned that I’m a horrible blogger?  If not, I’m a horrible blogger.  I don’t write anything for months and expect people to still be waiting here to read whatever dribble I come up with.  This trying to catch up from the original book club thing is getting ridiculous.  I find it hard to motivate myself to write about book clubs that happened over a year ago.  So, in an attempt to be a better blogger (I feel like I write this every time I blog!) I’m going to skip all those other books we read (periodically slipping one or two in during the month) and just write about this months book club book.  We have a meeting tonight!  The book is called “Prince of Thieves” and its by Chuck Hogan (I was so hoping this was a cross between Chuck Norris and Hulk Hogan!).  



It’s the book that the movie “The Town” was based on.  You know the one…with the bank robbery…with Ben Affleck…outside of Boston…no not The Departed, that was Matt Damon!  Anyway, I’m excited to get caught up and tell you all about it before the weekend is out.  So until then…

Eat, Drink and Be Yourself!


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