So where was I…

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I’m having trouble remembering which book was next on my Book Club list.  I think my last actual book club post was about ‘Sugar Queen’ by Sarah Addison Allen.  Then there was a long stretch of randomness with the Rocky Horror Picture Show outing, the takeover of Stunt Zombies blog (which was short lived as I’m a super slacker!) followed by my rant about why children may not be evil but the people who want me to have them are!  Which brings us up to…oh my… “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James!  WARNING: The pictures you are about to see are not suitable for children, or adults, or pets.


It was bound to happen.  You get this many women together under one roof and throw booze into the mix you’re bound to land the topic of conversation on some S&M, right…right?  Okay, maybe that’s just me and my ladies but while there were mixed reviews on the book as a whole the book club meeting was flipping amazing!  My girls really pulled out all the stops.  Just check out some of the cookies that my friend Shannon made:


That’s right, those delectable little treats are penis cookies.  Still not sure why my boyfriends was the only black one but I think the less I know the better.

Since I’m so fond of themes I decided to decorate with gray ties I found at the local thrift shop.  I think I cleaned them out!


And I decided to play a little game.  Each girl partnered off with someone they “trusted” before being blind folded by their choice of gray tie!  It was a game of High Low.  I purchased a high priced and low priced wine in the categories of white, red and sweet.  The girls then had to choose which they thought was the high priced and the low priced wine.  And the prize?  Wine of course!



We had a blast and struck up some great conversation as well.  Personally, I enjoyed the book.  I mean, not the writing, or the editing, or the complete lack of a thesaurus apparently!  But the premise and the story line were pretty okay for a taboo subject.  What myself and my book club couldn’t get over was the constant use of the same adjectives and descriptions over and over and over ad nauseum!  I mean come on!  How many times can you say “Oh My” or “Holy Crap”?  And why does she have to bite her lip so many God damn times!  You’d think she’d wear a hole through it by now!  Apparently my book club and I are not the only ones who feel this way. While researching today’s post I stumbled upon this review by The Sarcasm Goddess!  Nail on the head sister, Nail on the head!

There were a few in my book club who were just straight appalled by the subject matter.  Not because it was too dirty or controversial but because the protagonist is basically allowing herself to be beaten, not figuratively, literally.  That was a concept that some of my book club babes just couldn’t get past.  No man should lay their hands on a woman in a violent manner, no matter how much she wants it 🙂  But seriously, I see where they’re coming from and agree that physical abuse isn’t something to be taken lightly.

So looking past the complete lack of editing what I really didn’t like about this book, this oh so risque novel that must be hidden under the mattress when not being read, this lock yourself in the bathroom so the kids don’t catch you reading it best seller, was that when you got right down to it there wasn’t much sex at all!  A few spankings, some give it to me rough parts.  But that “Red room of pain” gets used like twice in the whole book.  I mean come on.  I was expecting way worse (or better?)!  Try reading “Submission: A Novel” by Marthe Blau or “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” by Anne Rice.  At least you’ll know the writings better!

Continuing with the theme we had BYOSM (Bring Your Own Steak or Meat).  I had already shelled out a bit on wine so it was up to the girls to provide the substance!  We grilled out back (seeing as it was July of 2012, God I’m so behind!) and got to eat our meat as we liked it (Oh my!).

AND we hit a milestone, our first (and so far only) skype book club meeting!  My girl down in Florida got her lovely FL ladies together for a book club meeting of their own complete with wine and food.  We got to skype up and down the East Coast while throwing back some grape and enjoying some rather interesting conversation!

In summation, good book, way better book club, and on to the next one!

Next book…“Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden.

Until next time…eat, drink and be yourself!


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